Wierd News



Sniff sniff

And to start off : A lamp post was seen crying today. It is believed it was crying because it lost a game of hide and seek. Apparantly lampposts do not like to hide. They prefer to seek.


A computer lab went online today. And the guys who took it online have been reported to have hit it off.


An elephant has been banned from a South Bombay swimming club. Apparently he kept insisting he had swimming trunk on.


A man with three wives , who had been ordered by the High court to leave the country, has now been asked to stay. The reason being his wives having already left the country.


A lion with four legs has been asked to do two weeks of community service.


Twenty seven cars ran over a man last night. Sources say , the man”had it coming” for his facebook status read “interested in married women”


Fifteen angry girls are marching up a hill , as we deliver this news to you. Hopefully by the time  we finish , we will know what they were angry about.


Nine businessmen were sentenced to serving coffee to their wives every morning. The reason is unknown , and the wives don’t want to find out.


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